Customer communication simplified

Your customers use countless apps, you only need one.

messages your business reviews
your business messages reviews

Respond in seconds, not minutes

All your customer communication, unified

Never miss an inquiry because you had to check yet another platform. Manage all your communication in one place.

Sales convert 4x higher if you respond within 5 minutes

Respond fast,
win leads

Never miss an inquiry because you had to check yet another platform. Manage all your communication in one place.

Businesses that reply to their reviews at least 25% of the time average 35% more revenue

Create repeat customers, by creating groups

Send Group messages to different groups with different targets – all with one message.

Group texts get sent individually so they have a higher open rate%

Connect to your existing platforms


Take ownership of your online reputation

Rise in the ranking and stand out in your online reviews

Make it easy to generate reviews

Send review inquires via SMS to your existing & new customers to generate more positive reviews!

92% of consumers read online reviews. 82% won’t consider a business with a bad rating. One star increase can lead to 5-9%+ in $$

All your reviews, here

Reviews matter, and every day people rely on them to make decisions on the business they choose.

Get an overview of all your reviews in one place!

33% of responded negative reviews turn positive while 34% gets deleted

Did you know?

Average email response time?
90 minutes. Text messages?
90 seconds.

Our Features


Win more leads and repeat customers

  • Unified communication channels
    • Reply immediately from one shared inbox. Never miss a sale.
  • Supports multiple employees with a unique phone number
    • That you control
  • Text message customers and new leads (SMS/MMS)
    • Respond immediately to multiple customers
  • Customer management
    • Integrate your customer data from your other applications
  • Smart templates that standardize your communication
    • Increase your efficiency and save time
  • Create custom groups to manage customers
    • Send personal messages to 100’s of customers instantly

Show up more often in search to rank higher

  • Monitor and respond to reviews from one inbox
    • We’ll alert you if a bad review comes in so you can turn it around
  • Goal setting and reporting by employee to track progress
    • Set goals to keep your employees motivated
  • Generate new reviews by sending review links to customers
    • More reviews = More business

Myopolis can help you do the little things so you can get back to running your business.